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My primary rig is the YAESU FT 897D (top left) used in conjunction with the YAESU FC 40 Auto Tuner (bottom Right) which has served me flawlessly for the last 3 years.

My main HF antenna is an approximately 60 foot longwire with two 33 foot counterposes (radials). The longwire runs from the FC 40 which is mounted on my VHF antenna mast to a friendly branch on a maple tree in my back yard then down the other side of the tree. Not sure if you would call it a "end fed inverted V" or would it be a "Folded Vertical??? Either way the system works fine on 10-80 meters and is really the best I can do at this location.

For VHF/UHF FM I use the YAESU FT 7800 (Bottom Left) dual band radio. The antenna for this is a Dual Band JPole on the top of a 12 foot length of fence top rail. This combination gets into all the local UHF/VHF repeaters just fine and brings in no intermod.

For APRS I use the YAESU FT 2400 (Top Right) 2m mobile radio hooked into a "Rig Blaster NOMIC" sound card interface along with the AGWPE Packet Engine and the 32 bit version of UI VIEW. This setup works fine in the shack but lacks something as a mobile setup. A quick change of software from UI VIEW to ECHOLINK lets me operate VA3QV-L whiich is my portable node which can be used to connect the YAESU FT 2400 to the internet if the need is there. The antenna for this setup is usually a groundplane antenna constructed from a mobile 5/8 wave mobile 2m antenna. Not pretty but it does work fine.

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