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VA3QV/m consists of the YAESU FT 857 (Left) and the LDG Z100 Autotuner (Right) which is used in WHATEVER vehicle I am operating at the time. As I don't own a vehicle but use a company vehicle which can have other drivers at times I prefer the following setup:

The radio/tuner combination is powered by a 30AH battery pack that either sits between the front seats of the pickup truck or in the floor in the back seating area of the car. I have access to both a car and a pickup truck. This allows easy removal of radio equipment when I have to change vehicles. It also allows the removal or radio equipment when someone else has to operate the vehicle. The battery pack just makes it easier to power the radio in whatever vehicle its in. I get about 2 days of normal VHF/HF operating without having to recharge the pack.

The VHF/UHF antenna is a Diamond attached to the vehicle using single magmount and the HF antenna is the OPTEK HVT 400 multi band antenna attached to the vehicle using a MFJ triple Magmount. Using this setup VHF/UHF contacts are a breeze to any vhf repeater within 60 miles or so and the HF setup works fine on 6m to 40m. The antenna and antenna mount manufacturer warns that extra grounding is needed for use on 80m and I do not have the ability to do this as I change vehicles on a regular basis....So I don't operate on 80m mobile.

Other than that the system works great!!!!!

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